NotionBoost – Chrome extension

Boost Notion productivity

Boost Notion productivity

features like outline,small text & full width by default,hide comments & help button,bolder text etc

Add extra features to Notion:

  • Show outline (table of contents) for pages that have headings or sub-headings.
  • Set small text and full width for all pages by default.
  • Hide comments section on page.
  • Hide floating help button on page.
  • Make bold text bolder when using Notion in dark mode.

More features on the way 🙂

How to enable/disable a feature:

  1. visit any notion page
  2. click on the extension icon (clickable only when you are on a notion page)
  3. a popup menu will appear, you can toggle features here.

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Report bugs or suggest feature:

For any other queries or general feedback, reach out to me at

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