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What is Notionology?

A digital agency devoted to providing professional services for Notion users.

Founded by Molly Jones, an ex-Project Manager turned Notion Consultant and Notion ambassador. Notionology is one of the only independent agencies focused solely on providing Notion related services. Molly is also one of only 18 Certified Notion Consultants worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for a custom build, one-on-one coaching, or company-wide training, Notionology is your one-stop-shop for all that and more.

Why Notion?

Because who doesn’t love an app with infinite flexibility, built to empower every team?

Notion + Notionology can help you with a variety of solutions ranging from a new CRM, a complete refresh of your processes, or the ultimate project manager – anything is possible. The passion we share for this product is 100% due to the amazing potential it offers to all users. And they do it for free!

Companies of all shapes and sizes have made the switch. Whether you’re Pixar or Nike, a creative agency or real estate agency – Notion (and Notionology!) have got you covered.

Find out more about Notion on their website (they do a much better job at explaining than we do!)

Notionology Services

Whatever project you have in mind, Notionology can help.

No two companies are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach will never work. Take advantage of the great flexibility of this product and let us create a cohesive workspace for your business. Want to do it yourself and just need a hand? We provide training and coaching as well!

View more about the packages offered and their consultation processes below. All prices are in USD


The Custom Build Package

Designed for those seeking a high-quality custom solution made specifically for their requirements.

  1. Briefing chat (15-30 mins) – $0* – An informal, no-pressure call with Molly to help us understand your pain points as a business. If we can help, you’ll recieve a quote, detailing the scope of the project to launch our exciting new partnership. If agreed, we move forward.
  2. Onboarding (TBD) – $0 – Just a bit of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. An invoice will be sent to you for 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion. Any NDA’s, spreadsheets, logins, screenshots, or other essential information will be shared via our Client Portal. This will set us up for an effective discovery session.
  3. Discovery session (1-2 hours) – Invoiced @ $75/hr – Getting deep down and dirty with the backend of your business. With guided questions you will help us understand your goals. This usually takes 1-2 hours and can be split into multiple sessions if necessary.
  4. Design and build (TBD) – Project based pricing – Working within an agreed upon timeframe, we will create an aesthetically beautiful, and highly functional workspace for your team.
  5. Feedback and iterations (TBD) – Invoiced @ $75/hr – We can easily manage questions and feedback to work quickly and efficiently to make any adjustments from the original project scope.
  6. Technical handover and follow up, (2-3 hours) – Invoiced @ $75/hr – Once the workspaces are complete, a full run through will be presented to ensure user comprehension. A one week follow up session will be booked to confirm proper user adaptation with maximum productivity benefits.
  7. Training and implementation, optional (TBD) – Invoiced @ $75/hr – From built-in instructions, to live stream courses, we can find the best solution for your business.
  8. Ongoing support, optional (TBD) – $75/hr – Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. Whether you want to revamp your design or add new business units, our ongoing relationship will ensure a clean and easy Notion for all users. Because we’ve worked together already, you will also recieve a 25% discount on the Coaching Package.

The Coaching Package

One hour sessions designed for those willing and ready to put in the work to become a Notion expert.

Pre-Session Homework: Client questions submission

Three days prior to our first call you’ll send a detailed list of queries to address in our upcoming sessions. In addition to the questions, be sure to should send through any NDA’s and share your Notion workspace with me.

Session One: Client workspace review

While the coaching session is absolutely up to the agenda of the client, it is likely that starting off with a workspace review will be beneficial for both parties. We can also begin to address client questions & hands on training.

Session Two: Client workspace strategy

During this session we can work to define the requirements of your new workspace, and create a plan to build your dream solution. Productivity methodologies and design best practices will be leading the development strategy.

Session Three: Continuous improvement

As the client continues to build and develop their Notion solution this session will focus on considering workflows, user experience, and creating an environment that enables collaboration throughout the business.

Session Four: Final review

Molly will go through a thorough and comprehensive final review of the client workspace and supply an action plan for any outstanding tasks. This last session also provides a final opportunity for any unanswered queries or training desired.


  • This 4 session package can be spread out over weeks, months, or even years – it’s totally up to you! All payment must be made in advance and is currently available for $400 USD. Space is limited.
  • If you prefer a one-off session, this can be booked for $150 USD.
  • 25% Discount available for those who purchase custom builds.

Please contact us directly for purchase, and to receive your pre-session homework.

The Audit Package

Designed for those with existing workspaces needing improvement and expert guidance.

A Notion audit will ensure that you are maximizing not only the potential of Notion, but also yours as an Notion user.

Book a free project brief

Using the link below, please book a free project brief. We will use this time to understand your pain points, your concerns, and your Notion aspirations. If I believe I can help, we can move forward with an exact budget.

Commence Notion audit

Upon payment, there will be a 7, 5, or 3 day turnaround for your Notion audit (priced accordingly). Each audit consists of a detailed report delivered via your personalized client portal. The report addresses potential productivity and systems process improvements.

Handover meeting

The audit will be delivered on the agreed upon date, with a handover to be scheduled within 2 working days. The client will review the audit and prepare any additional questions to be addressed at the Handover meeting.

Project Closure + Optional Add-ons

Upon audit completion the project will be closed. There are optional add-on services including Notion Coaching, wherein I work with you in realtime to implement the changes. Alternately, the changes can be handed over dependent on my availability.


Prices start at $250 per project and will be accurately quoted based on the size of your workspace.

The Notion Website Package

Designed for those wanting to host their website on (like this one is!)

Let’s chat to find out more about your dream Notion website. Discounts available for Custom Build + Notion Website Combo Package.


Combining productivity best practices with systems thinking to create simple yet powerful solutions.

These are just a few screenshots of the work created for clients and the general Notion user. If you are familiar with Notion, you understand that no screenshot can capture the importance of master databases, relations, and roll-ups. All of which are quintessential for building powerful solutions. But hey, who doesn’t like pretty screenshots?


Free Templates

We believe that sharing is caring.

Templates created at Notionology are high powered, functional, and intuitive. Best of all, they’re free! Check this space often as we will rotate and update the latest templates for business and personal use.

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