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Easily add customizable widgets into your Notion docs. Our current library of widgets includes: Google Calendar (yes, even private ones!) Weather Life Progress Bar ...

QuickNote for Notion

Launches instantaneously (even on old iPhones) Always ready for you to immediately start typing ⌨️ Works offline ⚡️ https://1e11.io/quicknote


Find & Learn Notion friendly embeddable mini apps. Create your own Notion embedding url with your own HTML. Apption.co


Chilipepper forms are straight forward, fast, and suited for helping you get the data you need. Use Cases Goes great on support pages so users can...

Notion Product Design Pack

Get it together! Got surveys, interviews, personas and color palettes all over the place? Get yourself organized!Copy everything you see in this video to your...

Notionware Shop

Personalized products inspired by the most productive app on the block, Notion. Unofficial labour of love. https://notionware.shop/


Notionery is a unique collection of mental models made in Notion. Make it easy to apply the models to your day-to-day life. When it comes to...

The Bulletproof Notion Workspace 2.0

An effective Notion workspace is structured enough to keep information accurate and consistent. Meanwhile, it’s flexible enough to accommodate evolving content, new users, and changes to Notion itself....

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Notion Design Component Kit

The Notion Portfolio Component Kit was built specifically for the inner creative in-mind. It's packed with over 60 pre-built Notion components saving you a...

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